What is

Made2Sketch is an online platform for design and manufacturing services. If you’re a buyer with an idea for a product, you can either search for a industrial designer or factory on our directory, or upload a sketch and description of your idea and have someone make a proposal to you. If you’re a designer or factory, Made2Sketch is the place for you to find job orders.

Made2Sketch aims to make the product creation process simple and accessible to everyone.

The concept is that buyers don’t need to know how to make technical drawings or how to mass produce; instead, they leave it to designers and factories who are the experts in manufacturing. Buyers can then spend more time on ideation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Made2Sketch work?

Buyers - Find a manufacturing service provider using the directory, or issue a RFP and have service providers respond to you.

Sellers - Find job orders using the directory, or have buyers contact you if they think your profile is suitable

Why use Made2Sketch?

Traditional methods of finding designers and manufacturers via contacts, tradeshows, and even the internet, are slow, haphazard, and not targeted. Made2Sketch brings all the necessary players together on its platform, making it easy for buyers to find designers and factories, and vice versa.

I don’t know anything about design and production, can I use Made2Sketch?

Yes! All you need is just an idea which you describe via a sketch and some words. Designers and factories can make technical drawings, prototypes, and the final product, for you.

I’m a factory and I make toys. Can I make other things?

Absolutely! Market your skills and capabilities on Made2Sketch. If you currently make refrigerators but can just as easily make aircons, let buyers know via your profile page and get business.

How do I ensure my ideas aren’t stolen?

Engage only service providers whom you can trust. Limit the release of information such as technical drawings and other competitive information at the start. Study the profiles of service providers and communicate with them, then engage them only when you’re ready.

How do I ensure I don’t infringe any IP laws?

It is your responsibility to ensure your designs don’t infringe any copyright, trademark, or patent laws. It’s best to check with a lawyer if you’re unsure. In future, Made2Sketch may provide referral services to assist in this area.