Designers and Manufacturers

Job Search

  • Search for design and manufacturing jobs on Made2Sketch’s jobs directory.
  • Find relevant jobs by narrowing down searches according to your product category, capabilities, job size, etc.
  • Maximize your capacity utilization with Made2Sketch.

Respond to RFPs

  • Get relevant RFPs sent to you automatically.
  • Pick and choose RFPs to respond to.


  • Showcase your capabilities on your designer and manufacturer profile.
  • Let buyers view your previously made/designed products, capabilities, certifications, and much more.


Supplier Search

  • Have an idea for a product? Find designers and manufacturers using Made2Sketch’s simple yet comprehensive directory.
  • Filter according to designer and manufacturer skillset, product category, country, certifications, and many more criteria to find the right supplier.
  • Select and contact suppliers to discuss your product via the platform.

Issue Request for Proposals ("RFPs")

  • Prefer to have designers and manufacturers come to you instead? Create a RFP by filling up a simple form.
  • Upload a simple sketch and description of your product, then choose from design, prototyping, and manufacturing service options. Made2Sketch will send your RFP to its list of suppliers.